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Comment. Sold. Earn.

CommentSold enables businesses to automate all the tedious tasks involved with running an E-commerce business.

Automate your business today with scheduled product posts to Facebook. Users purchase products by commenting on the item! CommentSold makes invoicing, fullfilment, and shipping a breeze.

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Comments Processed

Automated Invoicing

Send invoices to your customers seconds after they comment, all day, 24/7/365

Scheduled Posting

Setup your new product posts days at a time so you never miss a date!

Inventory Management

Sell through Facebook (Groups/Pages), Instagram, Website and handle returns - all with accurate inventory and reporting!

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Success Stories

CommentSold helped us scale by spending less time invoicing and more time selling!

We've grown to over a thousand orders a day with CommentSold!

They are extremely quick to respond and fix any issues, very professional. I have never dealt with a group that was so efficient and kind.

CommentSold has saved me hours of work and headache. I would send invoices and customers would often call or stop by the store and pay or not pay at all. It created a lot of confusion.

Now, everything is in one place. I have inventory, invoicing and shipping in one place.
If someone doesn't pay the invoice it is gone.
So simple!

We are loving CommentSold. It has given us the opportunity to spend more time on our customers and growing our boutique.

It is super user friendly, they have seriously thought of everything and if you have questions their customer support is amazing!

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